“I really enjoyed Resolution …… brilliantly moody and suspenseful.” Phil Rickman, author and broadcaster.

“Granelli’s ability to paint a picture and to subtly raise questions you want to know the answer to make this novel incredibly hard to put down. A subtle and compelling examination of human motive.” The Big Issue

Praise for Roger Granelli

“Granelli’s brilliant Status Zero is one of the best books I have read this year.” Phil Rickman, author and broadcaster.

“Granelli paints a powerful and poignant portrait of Mark Richards’ condition and thought processes which inform his actions.” Harold Williamson, Young People Now.

For Status Zero

For Resolution

For Losing It

‘Losing It is short, sharp entertainment at its best. A good storyline, good characters, and a satisfying ending: all delivered by a fast paced narrative that keeps the reader turning the pages. There is something very likeable about this book, which succeeds in being a light and undemanding read whilst still conveying some good, old-fashioned moral values. A gentle tale with a bit of grit. ‘

Susy Ceulan Hughes- a review from with permission from the Welsh Books Council.

Roger Granelli’s Dark Edge is a novel where the personal echoes the political. The dramatic events played out against a backdrop of proportions so large that the memory of those twelve months of struggle remains undiminished.” Tony Heath, Tribune.

“Dark Edge is a gem amidst the slag-heaps of Thatcher’s legacy” The Big Issue.

“Granelli has a gift for making characters emerge, for letting actions speak for themselves…. this is a serious and intelligent book. Victor Golightly, New Welsh Review.

For Dark Edge

“ Roger Granelli’s Out of Nowhere is the real thing. He writes fluently and vividly and involves one in his story, creating characters and atmosphere effortlessly.” John Pikoulis, New Welsh Review.

For Out of Nowhere

“In Crystal Spirit, Granelli offers a skilful portrait of a man caught up in forces larger than him” Publishers’ Weekly.

“Crystal Spirit is a novel of testimony, and, praise be, it is a good read.” Planet.

“…… moving and grittily honest…..” Elaine Morgan.

“Crystal Spirit covers the journey of David Hicks, an educated misfit in the Welsh valleys of the ‘30’s, to the brutal reality of the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish scenes are amongst the most graphic and gripping of any about the conflict, standing comparison with Hemingway. On this evidence Roger Granelli is a novelist who deserves a much wider public.” The Inland Magazine( Spain)

"...a friend recommended this to me, and I have to say a big thank you to her. It's brilliant! It adds a human touch to the International involvement in the spanish civil war. Explaining how a working class miner from Wales got swept up in a war that was a million miles away from his life, what he left behind, and what he experienced when he got there. I don't want to give the plot away, but I do want everyone who reads this review to beg, borrow, or steal a copy to read for themselves!" Daniel Siverns (from Amazon reviews)

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For Pushover

“Granelli carries it off quite brilliantly, and the writing is very compelling. He is a real talent.”

Andrew Rosenheim